Tribute to the VIKINGS Dinner

Tribute to the VIKINGS Dinner

Tribute to the VIKINGS Dinner

We are tentatively planning on having a California Dinner this season. We have some exciting things planned, please support the club to help turn these ideas into a reality!

Honored Guests from March 1, 2008:

Stu Voigt
- Master of Ceremonies. Tight End from the University of Wisconsin. Stu played form 1970 to 1980 and played on 9 Championshop teams and 3 Super Bowl team.

Randal McDaniel - Guard from Arizona State. Randall was selected to 12 Pro Bowls and 11 All-Pro selections. He Played from 1988 to 1999.

Gary Larsen - Defensive Tackel from Concordia. Gary is a legendary "Purple People Eater" and was selected to 2 Pro Bowls and played in 3 Super Bowls.

Brent McClanahan - Running Back from Arizona State. Brent Played from 1973 to 1980 and played on 7 Championship teams and 2 Super Bowl teams.

Steve Lawson - Guard from Kansas. Steve played on 3 Championship teams and in 2 Super Bowls.

John Turner - Safety from Miami. John was drafted by the Vikings in 1978 abd played from 1978 to 1983 and again in years 1985 to 1987.

John Swain - Cornerback from Miami. John was drafted by the Vikings in 1981 and played with the team from 1981 to 1984.

Greg Coleman - Punter from Florida A&M. Gary played from 1978 to 1987 and was a member of the 40th Anniversary Team.

Nikki Myers - Nikki is our guest representing the Vikings organization. Nikki is a Marketing Assistant with the team and helps our club in numerous ways.


Grady Alderman
Gary Anderson
Walker Lee Ashley
Femi Ayanbadejo
Antonio Banks
Autry Beamon
Mitch Berger
Matt Blair
Brent Boyd
Bill Brown
Joey Browner
Nate Burleson
Fred Cox
Bob Denton
Carl Eller
Chuck Forman
Matthew Hatchette
John Henderson
Wally Hilgenberg
Alfred Jackson
Brad Johnson
Chris Johnson
Spencer Johnson
Clinton Jones
Andrew Jordan
Steve Jordan
Joe Kapp
Tommy Kramer
Paul Krause
Gary Larsen
Everett Lindsay
Bob Lee
Mike Malano
Jim Marshall
Tommy Mason
Brent McClanahan
Sam McCullum
Ed McDaniel
Fred McNeill
Mike Merriweather
Manfred Moore
Don Morgan
Mark Mullaney
Yo Murphy
Darrin Nelson
Dave Osborn
John Randle
Oscar Reed
Steve Riley
Brian Russell
Joe Senser
Ed Sharockman
Doug Sutherland
Robert Tate
Mick Tingelhoff
Stu Voigt
Chris Walsh
Ed White
Cory Withrow
Nate Wright
Ron Yary
Rickey Young

Bud Grant - Head Coach
Jerry Burns - Head Coach
John Michels - Assistant Coach

Sue Bostrom - Sponsorship Services Coordinator
Mary Ann Dallas - Director of Viking Fan Clubs
Isaiah Harris - Player Development Department
Debra Jones - Special Projects Manager
Chad Lundeen - Community Relations Coordinator
Leo Lewis - Player Relations Coordinator
Brad Madson - Community Relations Director
Breck Spinner - Director of Team Operations
Stu Widdess - Vice-President Marketing/Business
Paul Wiggin - Assistant General Manager/Pro Personnel
Kelly Wilske - Executive Assistant Player Personnel
Fred Zamberletti - Coordinator of Medical Services